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Preteens Nude

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 22:29:02 -0400From: BBG Subject: Dreaming Part 6*This story contains gay erotica in it, if you are averse to such thingsyou shouldn't read further. If you are under the age of consent in yourarea you should leave this site. If you Preteens Nude are not going to listen to me,I'm assuming no liability for your actions.*I retain all copyrights for this work, but I'm giving consent for thisstory to be placed only in an archive that charges no access fee(including AVS) and that the text stays exactly as I've written here.Individuals may keep a copy of this story for their own personal use.*In addition I'm giving consent for this story to be reposted in thenewsgroup alt.sex.stories.gay.moderated only, and that the text remainsexactly as printed here and that the poster does not claim originality ofthe work.I apologize that it has taken so long to get Part 6 out, however, I'vebeen pretty busy with side-projects like a message board, mailing list,and two other new stories "More Than Willing" and "Lacrosse Lover."**************************************************************Part 6:The next morning Eric and I showered together. Enjoying the comfort ofeach other's presence. I had to head into work for the day and Eric hadto go work on a project for one of his courses. We split apart and madeplans to meet back at my place that night.I'd returned home, tired from working - not to mention how little sleepI'd had the night before - and lay down on the couch for a brief nap. Iwas awakened by a knock at my door. It took me a while before the realityhit and I crawled my way towards consciousness.I opened my door to find Eric standing there. He smiled then pushed hisway in, shutting the door behind him quickly. Then he leaned towards me,pressing himself against me and forcing my body to the wall.Kissing me passionately, he pinned me with his body - I certainly wasn'tcomplaining though. We embraced, our tongues intertwining as we groundour bodies together. I traced my fingers along the muscles of his backrunning my hands down his spine. I squeezed the firm muscles of his ass,kneading them through his jeans. I could feel his hardon pressing againstmine through our pants. We stayed there for what seemed to be a shorteternity.When finally we broke apart both of us were nearly breathless. Our chestsheaving with the exhilaration of passion.His breath raspy with lust and practically panting Eric told me, "Thistime it's my turn to fuck you. Let's head to the bedroom."I forced my mouth back onto his briefly delving my tongue into his mouthbefore pulling apart again. "You'll get no argument Preteens Nude from me on that."It had been quite a while since I'd had a good fucking and I was asanxious for it as Eric was. We went into the bedroom Preteens Nude and he grabbed thelube from the bathroom - we may have to start keeping that on thenightstand and save some time. I stripped off my clothes while he grabbedthe lube. I did the same for him when he returned.Kissing my way along his neck and jaw while unbuttoning his shirt, my headfollowing my hands down his body. I pulled his shirt off and grabbed hishardon; teasing him through his pants. I flicked my tongue around hisnavel while I undid his belt and his pants. Sliding his pants to theground I sucked at the head of his cock through his boxers.The material was slightly salty from the precum soaking through. I slidhis boxers down his legs and he stepped out of them. I sucked the headinto my mouth while my fist wrapped around his cock. I slid my hand upand down the base of the shaft, occasionally twisting it around thecircumference.Finally I stood back up and kissed him, then lay back onto the bed. Ericleaned over towards me, sucking my cock into mouth. He covered his middlefinger with lube and began sliding it across my asshole, copying mytechnique from the night before. He started softly sliding his fingeracross, then gradually pushing gently against the tight hole beforeslipping his finger inside.He pulled his finger out and put a bit more lube on it before sliding hisfinger back in. He worked his finger around inside me, brushing myprostate frequently. He inserted a second finger stretching me out somemore.Finally Preteens Nude he inserted a third finger and when those were sliding in and outof me easily I told him: "Ok enough playing around with my ass, fuck me."Eric grinned at me then moved up my body. He kissed me passionately hiships grinding into mine while tongue invaded my mouth. Then he stood upand grabbed a condom from the nightstand drawer. He slipped the condomover his turgid organ then began to coat the condom in lube. He pressedhis hips against me, his cockhead pressed against my asshole. He thrustforward and I could feel him enter."More, I want you all the way inside me."I pushed out as he began to press in, his cock slowly sinking into my assuntil he was all the way in. I watched Eric's face as he got lost in thefeelings radiating from his cock. His eyes were wide open, his mouthgaping, he was breathing hard, he looked to be fighting off an impendingorgasm. My tongue slid around one of his nipples, teasing and playingwith him enhancing the Preteens Nude sensations he felt.His body began to relax Preteens Nude as he adjusted to the feelings that wereassaulting him. I kissed along his neck up to his lips. As our tonguesintertwined he began to pull out of me. Unfortunately he pulled out toofar.His face turned a bright red with embarrassment. I couldn't keep fromlaughing at his expression a bit, but my laughter only made Preteens Nude him turn abrighter red. His embarrassment had one other unfortunate side-affect theblood, which had fueled his hardon, was now turning his ears a bright red."It's okay, it's your first time," I still hadn't quite stopped laughingso I'm not sure how comforting my words were. "Have I ever told youyou're cute when you blush and your ears turn bright red." I kissed himagain, still laughing somewhat, and he laughed with me.We started kissing harder. I tweaked his nipple a few times then slid myhand down to stroke at his now soft cock. He rapidly hardened in my handand I soon broke the kiss. "Shall we pick up where we left off."He smiled and Preteens Nude lubing the outside Preteens Nude of the condom and my hole again brieflybefore positioning himself back at the entrance and pushing in. This timehe was more successful than last time-making slow in and out motions,drawing out both his pleasure and mine while built up a rhythm.He leaned down to start nibbling on my ear lobe as his cock slid into myass over and over again. He may have had trouble at first, but he was avery fast learner. As he slid into me he began to develop a steady rhythminstead of the erratic pace from earlier.I was now moaning from the stimulation of my prostate while my tongueflicked across his erect nipple. His pace was speeding up and I wasn'tcomplaining. He leaned in to kiss me - his hand reaching between us tostroke my cock. He took the lube and squirted some into his hand beforegrabbing my cock again.I was close and could feel my balls pulling in. My cock began to jerk inhis hand and shoot in between us. As my orgasm hit, my ass clamped downon his cock. His thrusts became slower but more forceful, heightening hisown pleasure against the taut muscles.As my body began to relax he picked up his pace to an almost franticlevel. His hips were thrusting him into me and pulling him out rapidly.His body began to tense; his pecs flexed , his jaw tightened, his rippledabs stood out. He made one final thrust burying himself in my ass. Helet out a loud moan, his body shaking from pleasure. I could feel hiscock his jumping against my insides as he pumped his load into the condom.When at last his orgasm he fell on top of me; breathing heavily as heslowly slipped towards the oblivion of post-orgasmic bliss. I ran myfingers through his hair and along his back as he lay on top of me tryingto regain his breath. My other hand slid down his back, sensuouslycaressing the muscles. It was so comfortable lying there with him likethat - such closeness and intimacy.Lying there it was almost like we were one body if not one mind. Finallyhe moved - lifting his head off my chest and moving up to kiss me. Wekissed tenderly; our passion spent for the moment. I ran my cheek alongthe stubble on his face. Finally we decided to get up."How about we order pizza in tonight?" I asked him, suddenly aware of howmuch time we'd spent in there together."Sounds good to me. You place the order, I'll go get the shower startedand warming up.""Ok."I placed the order and when I went into the bathroom he was already in theshower. I stepped in behind him and wrapped my arms around his waistpulling him up against me. I kissed along his neck as he relaxed againstme. We stayed there like that for several minutes, just standing closetogether, the water running down our bodies.Finally we moved, and I began to soap up his front as leaned against me.Then he turned around pressing his front into me. I soaped his back as wekissed. Then we traded places and he took the soap from me. We werejust about to finish when I heard the doorbell ring."Shit! The pizza's here already."I jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. Eric tookthe time to shut off the water. Preteens Nude I went to open the door and called forEric to bring my wallet in from the bedroom. Preteens Nude I answered the door drippingwet wearing only a towel and found Scott, a guy that had lived on the samefloor of the dorm I had as a freshman.He seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I also noticed hiseyes wandering down my body. He looked up and noticed I caught himwatching - he smiled kinda shyly and blushed."Hi Mark, it's been a while. I'm guessing this is yours.""Yep." Eric came up to the door bringing my wallet, also wearing only atowel.Scott looked from one of us to the other, the question in his mind writtenclearly on his face. Two guys, both standing there dripping wet, wearingonly towels - I knew exactly what he was thinking. He was right.He was still standing there trying to figure out what to say."Is there something you want to say?"He blushed bright red; opening his mouth then shutting it again."I'll save you further embarrassment - yes we were in the shower,together.""You're into that kinda Preteens Nude stuff?""Yes, and I love every minute of it.""I didn't know, I wish I had then we could have taken advantage of livingright across the hall from each other."Eric had remained silent throughout the entire exchange, but spoke up atthat point. "Why not take advantage of it now - come back here when youfinish delivering.""Shit! I've gotta hurry up and get back. The total was $12.50"I handed over the money then asked, "Will you be joining us later?""I Preteens Nude get off at 9, so probably 9:30 before I could get here. Are you sureit's ok. I mean if you two are together and everything."Yes 9:30 is fine." Eric spoke up."You guys are sure?" He looked to me for confirmation."Yes, if nothing else we can have a few drinks together. No expectations,no plans, we just let things flow.""Ok I'll be back at 9:30.""Ok we'll see you then."He turned to head down the hallway and Eric and I both took a moment toadmire his ass before closing the door. It had been a spur of the momentidea and we really should discuss this before Scott returned. We bothaccepted that this wasn't a serious relationship, but exactly what theboundaries were we had Preteens Nude yet to discuss. First we had some more mundanematters to take care of - like getting dried off and having dinner.We dropped the towels off in the bathroom - each of us grabbing a pair ofboxers to put on - then snagged the pizza off the kitchen table and wentinto the living room. We ate our way through the pizza until we were fullthen sat back to talk.I decided to broach the subject with Eric, after all I was the moreexperienced of the two of us. "Are you comfortable with what might happenlater?""Yes I think so. well I'm pretty certain. I think I am.""You don't want to rush into anything, if you get uncomfortable we backout, it's no problem. If anyone is uncomfortable or unsure it's not aproblem.""I know, we'll just start Preteens Nude off having an evening together and see wherethat takes us."I had to admit to myself that I'd spent a lot of time beating off thinkingabout Eric and Scott before, now I might have a chance at both at the sametime. My cock was ready to jump to life even before it was time - ofcourse it never hurts to be prepared.Eric and Preteens Nude I sat watching TV and waiting for Scott to return. At about 9:20the doorbell rang and I got up to answer the door and let Scott in. WhenI opened the door Scott smiled and said "Hi," the repeated his previousactions by letting his gaze wander across my nearly nude body. I steppedaway from the door, holding it open for him to come in, directing himtowards the living room.Closing the door behind him I asked, "Want something to drink?""Sure that'd be great.""What'd you like?""Whatever you have is fine with me.""Dr. Pepper ok?""Yes that's good."I went into the kitchen to grab drinks for all of us and then headed intothe living room. Scott had chosen the seat opposite of Eric and wasstudying Eric's body as if to learn every crevice - that would likely belater on though. I handed Eric and Scott their drinks then sat in theremaining chair - I could have sat next Eric on the sofa, but I wantedScott to feel comfortable. Sitting right next to Eric might make him feellike he was intruding or that we were ganging up on him.Eric and Scott had met before when Eric had visited the dorm. Also wewere all taking engineering courses so we did have some classes in commonbut Eric and Scott hadn't actually talked with each other significantly -they were passing acquaintances, although if tonight went well they couldbecome much more.Scott was the first to try to break the silence, "So do you guys alwayslay around the apartment half-naked?"Eric smiled, "Nope, sometimes we're totally naked.""Must be nice, walking around nude in the dorms isn't well received.""Yeah it is. Nudity is comfortable although so many people want to hidetheir bodies - even more importantly if everyone's nude you can scope outtheir bodies." I threw in that comment, trying to make the situation alittle less tense - perhaps I should have started with something a bitstronger than soda.Scott replied to my comment, "That would be nice, although there are somepeople you don't want to see walking around naked. If nudity were commonin my dorm I'd have nightmares for weeks."Eric and I both laughed then Eric said, "Well you don't have to worryabout that, nudity would suit you well."Scott laughed slightly then asked, "Is that an invitation?""It is if you want it to be.""Well then that's an invitation, and I'm going to accept."At that point he began to strip off. He slid his shirt off his smoothchest and I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with his body onceagain. He had lied when he said he didn't walk around half-naked in thedorms - I knew this for a fact. It had been a common event to see himwalking down the hall in nothing but a pair of shorts.He did have a great body, one worth showing off. At 5'11" he wassignificantly shorter than Eric and I, but not too short. He was ofItalian descent and it showed; his hair was jet black, he kept it mediumlength and parted down the middle. I remember watching him push the hairback with one hand millions of times, watching the muscles in his arm andchest flex beneath the smooth olive colored skin. His chest wascompletely smooth, and only a light circle of dark hairs surrounded hisnavel before running under his waistline.Even as I remember that gesture of pushing back his hair he did it againrevealing the ebony hair of his armpits. He unbuckled his belt, slidingit through the loops of the tight black jeans he wore - moving so slowlyand deliberately that I knew he enjoyed having an audience. He unbuttonedhis jeans then slowly slid the zipper down. He let the pants slide fromhis hips. When he bent over to take the jeans from around his ankles heturned away from us so that his perfect ass was stuck out for us to see.His boxers clung to his body from sweat, I guess his outfit had been a bitwarm for him. He turned back and towards us running his fingers throughhis hair to push it back again. His nipples were standing out so he wasclearly enjoying this. Apparently so had Eric."What's this, looks like I got someone all hot and bothered." Scott saidpointing to the tent in Eric's boxers. Scott wasn't hard, but he wasgetting there quickly."Don't let it get to your head, Eric's like a yo-yo all you have to do isflip your wrist to get him up." Scott laughed, Eric blushed, then joinedin laughing with us.Scott sat back down into the chair then said, "Is it ok if I get a quickshower. I know you two are already fresh, but I could use a shower rightnow.""Sure, follow me. I'll get you a towel I don't think you'll need to worryabout clean clothes to change into."I led him back through bedroom and into the bathroom. Scott commented,"Nice place you guys have here.""Actually it's just my place, Eric stays over a couple nights a week nowthough.""So you two are a couple?""Not exactly, just friends who happen to be sleeping together."Scott became quiet as he thought this over. "Oh, ok." He reached intothe shower and cut the water on, I showed him where everything was thenbriefly groped his cock and balls through his boxers. His cock becamerigid almost immediately."Now what am I going to do about that?""Wait until after you finish your shower."He had leaned over to slip his boxers off. I pinched his ass then gave ita good squeeze before he stood back up."And how am I supposed to ignore this?""Easy you just get into the shower and don't think about it.""Ha, ha, ha; very funny.""I'm serious just step into the shower and don't think about it. It'll goaway so we can bring it back.""Yeah right." Then he stepped into the shower. I reached in Preteens Nude and wrappedone hand around his cock sliding it up and down a few times. While I hadhim distracted I was moving my other hand over and suddenly turned off thehot water."Whoa shit! That's fucking cold.""See I told you it would go away if you got into the shower.""Asshole."Fortunately he wasn't very mad at me, he even laughed with me - once thewater warmed back up again. I walked out of the bathroom chuckling tomyself. I returned to the living room and pulled Eric up off the sofaleading him back into the bedroom.---End Part 6Sorry to leave you hanging guys; actually I'm not, I meant to do it. I amsorry that it has taken me this long to get it out though. In paststories I've highlighted my website, which I will do so here in this storyas well. http://bbg.webjump.comThere are also a few new features on the site that I'm going to point outhere. First is the addition of a message board, I'll check Preteens Nude the messageboard probably every day; others may post responses as well on the messageboard. I will archive the message boards on a monthly basis. Also thereis now a mailing list for changes made to the website. At the moment themailing list covers every feature that's changed on the website andprovides links when necessary, however, in the future there will be amailing list where I send out just the stories.Thanks for reading. As always comments and critiques are welcome.BBG (some1yunohotmail.com)
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